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Affordable & Attentive Pet
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Nancy has been pet-sitting and house-sitting for us for over 12 years!  She is dependable, trustworthy, deeply caring, honest, kind, and conscientious about her work.  She is responsive to phone calls and emails, and in cases of emergency when we’ve been out of town, she knows what to do and does it! Over the years, Nancy has become like a member of our family!  We greatly appreciate her.

Myra & Mel



Nancy Howard: the gold standard for pet sitters
Even from our first meeting with Nancy Howard in 2004, we -- my husband, myself and our then 7-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel -- instantly recognized that she possessed a rare gift:  the almost supernatural ability to tune in, empathize and communicate with animals.  Although our beloved dog has since passed away, Nancy remains a close friend and will always be a cherished member of our family. 
When Nancy first came to us -- upon the glowing recommendation of our friends -- our dog was deaf, but otherwise normal, playful and energetic.  Nancy came to our house regularly to walk him, feed him when necessary, and play games with him -- particularly basketball, which we had taught him to play when he was a puppy. Nancy enjoyed his unique talent as much as he enjoyed showing it off and he anticipated her visits with eagerness.
Over the years, he developed infirmities that came with old age and made it necessary for him to receive special care and more TLC than ever: a severe heart condition specific to his breed, for which he had to take 12 pills a day; a painful spinal condition; bladder stones; and ultimately, blindness.  We relied more and more on Nancy to help out on days when we had to be away for hours.  We trusted her completely to administer his meds, take him out for increasingly necessary potty breaks, play with him, practice and reinforce his obedience training, and curtail his exercise per doctor's orders.  On days when the outdoor temperature was too hot and humid or too cold for him to walk outside, Nancy would exercise him in the house and then pick him up and put him in the back seat of her car for a ride around the neighborhood (riding in the car was one of the joys of his life).  We had numerous family emergencies, including illness, hospitalization, and the death of a close family member, and often we had to summon Nancy with very little notice.  She unfailingly came through for us, no matter the circumstances.  
Our precious little companion passed away in 2012 at the very ripe age of 15 1/2 -- almost unheard of for a Cavalier.  Our veterinary team credits my husband and me for our dog's long, happy life; but we know in our hearts that Nancy was our partner in loving him and caring for him.  We will forever be grateful to her. 



Nancy is amazing, and has been taking care of our  precious dog for almost 4 years.  We were lucky enough to hear about Nancy through a friend's pet sitter, and that was truly our good fortune!  In addition to being an honest, trustworthy, reliable person, Nancy demonstrates true compassion and caring for our little guy, who loves Nancy just as much!  Nancy has become like a family member, and we value our relationship with her!    

Terry and Alan 



Nancy's Pet Sitting,

I have known Nancy and Nancy's Pet Sitting for about 4 years. I was given her name by one of her clients. They had been using her services and I needed someone who I could explicitly trust to watch my dog, Muffin (aka) The Muff. I was allowing her to take care of my dog, and come into my house while I wasn't home, So I needed someone who I could trust. Will to say the least I made the right decision. My Muff enjoyed being around her, and Nancy treated Muffy like she was the only dog in her life. Nancy has been helping me with Muffy for over 4 years now, and I'm so glad she is there. If you wanted someone who is caring, giving and totally committed to the welfare of your pet, Then you have made the right choice with Nancy's Pet Sitting.
I Remain,



Nancy Howard has been our pet sitter for many years, and she is wonderful!  We always have mixed feelings when we go on vacation - it's great to get away but we miss our kitties when we are gone.  It's very comforting to know that our pets are being cared for by someone who really loves animals.  The fact that she will check the mail, plants, etc. while we are gone which is an added bonus!  We like and trust Nancy and feel very fortunate she is our pet sitter.  As I write this, Toby (one of our kitties) is pawing the computer screen so I guess he is putting his stamp of approval on Nancy too!
Pat and Doug



Nancy has been our pet sitter for almost ten years!  Both dogs love her dearly.  In fact, just mentioning that Nancy is coming makes their eyes pop open and tails wag excitedly!  For the first five years Nancy came every day to feed and exercise our dogs while I taught school.  She was totally reliable and conscientious, never missing a day.  (This was very unlike our experience with our first pet sitter who left our door wall wide open all day--just forgot to close and lock it!)  The few times that Nancy went to visit her mother in Florida, she arranged very capable substitutes for the week--even bringing them to meet the dogs and us beforehand.  We really had no worries!

Since I retired in '08 Nancy has always been available to make three visits a day while we travel, thus allowing our dogs to stay comfortably in our home and avoid the dreaded dog kennels.  We love having Nancy at our house when we are gone!  If she has any questions or concerns, she calls immediately.  She watches the house like a hawk, noticing any suspicious cars in the area and has actually stayed until she is satisfied everything is okay!  She brings in the mail and puts the garbage out on collection day, but the best thing in the world is that Nancy LOVES HER JOB AND OUR DOGS!  I always told my students to find something that they are passionate about and make it their life work!  Nancy has done just that!  She is knowledgeable about dogs' diets, behavior, and training, giving us many useful tips over the years.  If she doesn't know the answer, she does the research and shares what she has found.

We couldn't ask for a better, more trustworthy pet sitter.  We tell her that she can never move from this area!  Nancy is much more than a pet sitter to us.  She has become our dear friend- much loved by Mom, Dad, and dogs!  She is definitely THE BEST!

 :) Faye and John


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